Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Church

Church is only 2 hours long here. And we get to wear what ever we want. PT(gym) shorts are the latest fashion.

Volleyball, Basketball, and Gym under the big brown tent

This is where we usually will hang out and play in the evenings.

The Clinic

My clinic in the hospital consists of: one dental chair, one dental assistant, one incredible light, and for all my wonderfull staff note the unit at the back of PFC Camacho. Its a suction, air, handpiece control unit all in one. of course the handpiece runs all the time non stop and the suction is only strong enough when the surgical suction tip is in. Yes drownings are frequent with fillings. Really makes you appreciate a good office. Miss you guys.....

My Dental Office

My office in the Hospital

Ready for IED

Yes it can handle an IED

Apache Sunset

Sunset in Salerno with our Incredible apaches ready to fly at a moments notice.

Our Great Medics at the Hospital

Our great medics here at the hospital are there day and night directing traffic for incoming hurt soldiers.

Hospital in Salerno

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well Im finally in Salerno. It only took a week to get here but i made it. Because of the amount of Soldiers coming in and out of the theater of operation, flights in and out of BAB (Baghram Airforce Base) are difficult. So I was stuck there for 4 days trying to get a space A flight over the mountain into Salerno. Salerno is in Khost and is in between mountain ranges. Ill send pics in my next post. Thanks for all the support.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Kuwait is HOT it was 110 at 10pm which reminds me of Vegas but the winds are strong so it's like 125 and burns your eyes. Glasses are a must.