Saturday, August 28, 2010

They Attacked.

Just want you to know that Im doing fine.
Around 50 Insurgents attacked us and some were disguised as American soldiers. Some were armed with suicide vests but were killed before they set them off. One truck full of explosives got stuck in the mud and never made it to our front gate. They managed to breach our perimeter by cutting through it but never got anywhere after that before they were killed.

What a Crazy day it has been. Im proud of our quick response and our soldiers fortitude during this time. I saw many brave and selfless actions. GO US..

The assault began at about 4 a.m., and i was awakened by apache Helicopters right above my living quarters firing at them
Dozens of Taliban fighters, some wearing U.S. military uniforms, launched simultaneous attacks on us here in Salerno and our sister city Chapman (30 min down the road).

They fired mortars and rockets, Rocket propelled grenades and guns, two insurgents entered FOB Salerno by cutting a hole in our fence, No Afghan or U.S. troops died in the assault, but four NATO troops and an Afghan policeman was wounded, and a 12-year-old Afghan boy was killed.

Our response to the attack was swift and deadly. We killed about 15 insurgents here and six at FOB Chapman. There was no damage to our FOB that I could see.

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